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Call today for a FREE evaluation. (865) 336-0000

Call today for a FREE evaluation. (865) 336-0000

About Us

Our trainer Shane started with a program in Georgia called Operation Second Chance. It was a rescue program that would get dogs from the dog pound and bring them to a dog training center where he and other trainers would train them day and night to fix problem behavior and get the dogs adopted out to new homes. It was there where he wrote the book Troubled To Trained and found his desire and passion to want to work and train dogs as a career. Going the extra mile Shane was able to find and develop great strategies and techniques for training dogs.

Now Shane lives in Tennessee and has now had years of experience understanding dog behavior and why dogs Behave the way they do. Over the years he has developed great techniques and amazing strategies for dog training.

Troubled to Trained was written by a dog trainer who specializes in correcting severe aggressive behaviors in troubled dogs. The author has spent years developing strategies that target the cause of these aggressions in order to correct the problems. He has been successful in correcting behaviors so dangerous, that he was the dog's last hope. Not only have his methods been proven effective, but his ability to train these dogs is amazing! This book teaches "Why dogs behave the way they do" so that any dog owner can easily understand. The reader will learn how different a dog's world is from a human's world... and why dog behaviors that frustrate owners the most are instinct-based, thus the problems are reversed through instinct as well. You will even be introduced to "Superstar Sonja" who is pictured on the front cover... you will feel the pain of her existence prior to her rescue, and then the thrill of her amazing shows in front of live audiences.